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Beausejour - Monte-Carlo

At the doors of the hotel, you will be able to leave to discovered Beausoleil, called “Balcon sur la Mediterranee”. The city which has just celebrated its centenary preserves throughout its streets and along its picturesque staircases the charm of buildings impressed of the style « Belle Epoque » time, a flourishing period for the city, classified at the time “health resort”

A plentiful local market takes place each day with some steps of the hotel. While choosing to cross the boulevard General Leclerc, becoming boulevard de France, you will be in Principality of Monaco, the Gardens of the Casino, offering a generous sight on Beausoleil and a splendid panorama on the Mediterranean, from Italy to the red rocks of the coast of the Var. With the length of the avenues of the Principality you will discover, the luxurious Hotels,the wellknown Casino, the elegants shops which make the fame of Monaco.

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